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Xiaocun Zhao: getting used to excellence

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        Xiaocun Zhao, a member of the Communist Party of China and and the Class of English majors 023, enjoys a lot of great titles during her school time,like minister of the Life Department of the Students’Union, one of the “ten best youthes and “ten best model of the Communist Party member”. She was also granted as the“three goods”student (good in study, sttitude and health) and excellent youth volunteer.

        She used to be a elite of the school and the winner of the govermental schoolarship of Hubei Province. She graduated from school with high achievements in 2007 and her paper was awarded as an excellent one in Hubei province. She was good at badminton , pin-pong and has won the first places in these two activities in the school champaign. In 2007, she got admitted with the highest marks by Foreign Language School of Literature in Wuhan University for post graduate study in translation. Now she works in the Shen Zhen Power Supply Station of the China Southern Power grid CorporationDuring this period, she used to work as the whole way translator for  Fang Suyathe vice-president of the Asia part of the EDF Energy, the principal and translator for the Southern Power grid Corporation part in Shenzhen World Electric Car Assembly and the translating examiner for the recruit manual of Shenzhen Power Supply Station. Her translation is given high  evaluation. What’s more, during her engagement in the News Center of the 26th World University Games, she was granted as the “Advanced Individual for Protecting the Power Supply in the World University Games”.



        No pains, no gains.