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SFL Volunteering in the Thomas & Uber Cup

Author:School of Foreign Languages   Published:2012-08-16   Hits:

The Thomas Cup & Uber Cup International Badminton Championship has been successfully held in Wuhan during May 21st to May 27th. It is a pleasure that 2 English majors of SFL, Hu Hetao, a junior and Xia Zhangbing, a sophomore through strict selection and stood out among 3500 campus volunteers from 32 universities such as Beijing Foreign Studies, Wuhan University and Central China Normal University.

Their work involves the preparations for the campaign, translation service, tournament logistics, field guide, materials support, competition organization, serving as promotion ambassadors, press operations, out-field tickets checking and security. During the training period, the 2 students have attended the lecture of Xu Benyu, one of the figures touching China, to learn what it meant to be a volunteer. At the same time, they learned foreign affairs etiquette, professional knowledge of badminton and knowledge of post. Xia translated in Thailand team and Hu in Scotland team.

Later, they served as escort interpreters of Toms Land, the CEO of International Badminton Association, to communicate with the officials in Wuhan. Their volunteer service lasts for a week, and this week witnessed their endeavors, competence and the spirit ready to dedicate.

Xia owned his honor being able to grasp this opportunity to Guo Xianfang and Cao Ting, his supervisors in the Campus Volunteer Base, who guided him patiently and trained him rigidly. Besides, the language lab and English Corner held once a week also contributed a lot to his progress in listening and oral English. Hu expressed his feelings that apart from the advancement in his oral English, he also had his horizon broadened, communication circles expanded and initiatives for English study strengthened through contacting with the students from different universities. Whats more, He also enjoyed a better understanding of the foreign countries and has perceived the good qualities in the foreign competitors, such as politeness and time keeping of the English competitors.

This is the 17th session of Uber Cup and the 18th session of Thomas Cup.


Uber Cupsometimes called the World Team Championships for Women, a major international badminton competition for women’s national badminton teams.

Thomas Cupsometimes called the World Men’s Team Championships, an international badminton competition among teams representing member nations of the badminton World Federation.